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    Introduce Yourself to the Community!

    SBC Team Guide

      This area of the community is for exactly what is says - a place to Introduce Yourself.


      We encourage our new members to use this area  to say "Hello" to other members.  Feel free to tell us a little about yourself and your small business.


      Please don't make it a commercial for your business.  Keep it casual and say "Hi"




      The Small Business Community Team.

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          LNSA836 Wayfarer

          Hello everyone!  I just open a new non medical private duty home care service.  i have been in the medical field for over 20 years and decided to try it on my own.  I am from Ohio and would like to get some input on how to get customers. As of now my partner and I are trying to get contracts from various nursing homes, assistant living facility as well as the hospitals. What is a good why of getting contracts from facilities

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Hi and welcome Wan2005,


              A face-to-face visit to a facility is often a good way to meet and let the facility know what you have to offer. Make an appointment and go to the appointment with your brochures and other information to let the potential customer know all about you.  It takes time and a lot of leg-work but will pay off in the end many times.


              I'm sure others will chime in with their suggestions, too.



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              cupcakequeen Wayfarer

              Hello everyone,


              I have a culinary background and I own a blog. My business is in catering and writing about the latest trend in food, especially cupcakes.


              My business is still small and I like working within the local community. Since I recently moved, getting my new business established has been challenging, but I believe it will be worth it.


              I look forward to talking with other entrepreneurs as we share tips with each other on how to help our businesses grow. I look forward to connecting with all of you.


              -Cupcake Queen

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                working capital Adventurer

                Hi Everyone,

                Glad to be among new like-minded business people.I look forward to meeting a lot of new friends. I'm new at this online community stuff so please feel free to introduce yourself to me & perhaps help me navigate through process. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.



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                    Moderator Cath Guide

                    Welcome working capital, we are pleased you found us and happy to make room for another small business owner.  If you would like to introduce yourself and share some of your interests, we would be happy to read them.


                    As far as navigating through the area, we are all doing the same thing at the moment since our area has recently been given a new look.  Use the buttons on the top tool bar to start your journey.


                    Our Community Guidelines are found (below).  They are not long but are definitely a good read.


                    We hope you will find your time with us of value.  Feel free to join in the discussions - our community is only as good as the sharing of our learned experiences.



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                    Jim Peters Tracker

                    Hello everyone, thank you for letting me join this community. Just want to introduce myself to all you wonderful guys out there. My name is Jim Peters and I own a financial planning company named Centaurus Financial Irvine, CA. The company aims at providing financial assistance to people and companies in all fields to attain their financial goals. Looking forward to a wonderful journey ahead.

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                      InOuterSpace Newbie

                      Hello all, I am starting a small business in Graphics Design. I have all the questions everybody has so hoping to get some information out of here. I do most of my advertising with word of mouth, but I am looking for it to grow, ran into the expensive way to advertise anymore. you can take a look at what I do from my Facebook page (I O S Graphics). I support small businesses and personal use for events or your special days and holidays. I'm looking forward to the journey in this life time.