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    In My Opinion

    LUCKIEST Guide

      "In my opinion"......  We hear that phrase with frequency in our everyday lives

      and everyone has an opinion or viewpoint to contribute. 

      That logic also holds true for the small business online community

      and our diverse viewpoints are what makes this website a success. 

      Differing views and beliefs..... including YOURS and MINE, keeps it interesting.



        • Re: In My Opinion
          Moderator Cath Guide

          Remember the old saying: 'make new friends, but keep the old (one is silver and the other gold)'?  When I read Luckiest's post that saying came to me.  Our community is made up of many friends, some new and some a bit older.  We all bring our learning experiences with us when we join in on a thread.


          I have found that so often someone will not post because they feel as if they have nothing to contribute -- baloney!  We need and welcome comments from everyone as long as they stay on-topic, do not attempt to advertise or solicit for funds, or use someone else's work and words (paraphrase).  Reading the Community Guidelines (below) can help keep you on track.


          We can only shine as brightly as we do when we share our learnings with one another.  You are more than welcome to just read the posts - but think how much you might help someone else if you joined in on a thread with something you have found helpful?


          I'm hoping to hear from some of our quieter members soon.