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    Want to buy Fedex route....maybe??

    Dan1128 Newbie

      Hello everyone.  I'm new to this, so please forgive my "newbie" forum etiquette.  I have read over many times the "discussion" that Mark111 had about buying a Fedex route, but it's been 3 years since his thread and I haven't seen any follow-up to his thread.  I've also seen many people posting on his thread that they would like to get an "up-date" on his business model....has anyone been in contact with him??


      Much like Mark111, I'm also at a point in my life where I'm looking into other business ventures.  Since college, I've worked for a handful of professional consulting firms and I've even owned my own Gas station/C-store for eight years.  But two years ago, I received an offer for the Gas Station/C-Store that I couldn't refuse....especially in a down economy.  Since the sale of the Gas Station, I've returned to my previous roots as a consultant...and I'm hating it!!!  I have fallen into that "Once you are your own'll never work for anyone else again" syndrome!  I have done a lot of reading and talking with friends, neighbors, family...etc...etc...and I feel that buying a truck route is for me.  I've talked with a couple of Route Brokers about their routes that they have for sale and I'm thinking that a Fedex ground route is the way to go for me.


      However, I'm told that one of the requirements that Fedex has is the driver must have, at a minimum, 6 months of commerical driving experienc in the past three years.  I do have commericial driving experience, however, it was six years ago and it was only for 3 months.  I doubt they will accept that.


      I guess my main reasons for starting this discussion is to find out if there is anyone out there (other than Mark111....since no one can get ahold of him anymore) that can give me a little more insight on Fedex ground routes and if there is a way around the commericial driving experience that Fedex wants their drivers to have before being approved to buy a route.


      While I'm at it....I'm not completely sold on the Fedex if anyone has any other routes that I should look into....please let me know.