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    nanny has questions as standard DE Annual percentage for raise

    redbird Newbie

      Hello to you all!

      I have basically been put into a position where I was told for Childcare I was no longer getting a check with taxes, SS ect taken out, I'm receiving A 1099! I am not my own boss I am told when I'm working and when I'm not needed at the last minute & for 2 months the last two summers. I like my job but now there is another child involved, a 3 month old in addition to the 3 year old. I have since gotten a second job to work evenings and weekends. I have no intention of quiting that job either. But now upon their arrival home from vacation I'm asked to work to work a night, a sat and an entire weekend. My real question is what is Delawares standard percent for a yearly raise? I was giving .25 raise on a 10.50 an hour pay for 45 hours. Then another.25 once the baby was born. I felt this is a real insult! I have been with them 2 and 1/2 years. I have done my research and it seems women my age charge $10.00-$30.00 an hour. I do much more than just take care of the children. And have dealt with my hours flucuate as the 3 year old went to preschool for three days,them going away or the husband will have off so I'm not needed. I go to their house and  stay as needed more often than not. can anyone relate or tell me what a standard yearly raise should be?

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          Hi Redbird:


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          I see nobody has responded to this yet, so here it goes.


          I looked at the inflation percentage and increase in cost of living for Delaware -- a 0.25 raise actually does coincide with the state.


          The downside is, a 0.25 raise would impact a high salary worker, but wouldn't make a dent in most everyday people's lives. Thus, my recommendation is to really go for what you're worth. If you're doing all of this additional work and not getting paid, then makesure your employer is aware.


          My staff accountant use to pull additional hours and work, but I was sometime oblivious to the fact. It wasn't because I don't keep a close eye on my worker, but things will always slip through the crack. It wasn't until she came to me and said "I think I deserve a $400 bonus" that I realized how hard she has been working -- and I was happy to give it to her!


          You should charge what you are worth!