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    Sacred Weekends


      When you own your own business , regardless of what it is, sometimes it's necessary to put in that extra hour or so to keep things running well.

      Do you work on weekends or is it a sacred time for family and to get away from work for a while?

      How would you deal with the resentment that might build up from not being available ?

      Travel would be the same sort of  dilemma.

      Tell us your secrets and tips for keeping the peace at home when your small business demands your undivided attention.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Depending on the type of business, there are NO weekends and NOT enough hours in the day.


          You and your family (if they understand) put in all the time and hours needed to succeed.



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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Also when you own your own business, Time is just as fascinating as untangling the basic fabric of our existence.


            To succeed, you (and sometimes your family) work 24 / 7


            Again LUCKIEST

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              Drape Lady Wayfarer

              After struggling with this for many years, here are my guidelines:


              1. Always be at the dinner table. Hopefully it's takeout so you can get in some extra work time


              2.  Weekends are family time, unless everyone is busy doing their own thing, then it's time to clean off my desk, organize, take out trash etc. in my work room, anything I can't find time for during my "work week".


              3. Include your family in your business if you can. They are more forgiving of you working if they a) understand what you do and b) feel as if they are a part of it.


              4. Don't let freinds and family undermine your work schedule. Some people think that because you work at home that you can go to lunch or go shopping every time they ask.  Set your schedule and stick to it, if you don't, you get behind and then your immediate family suffers.


              I have a custom drapery business and have worked from home for many years. There are always going to be exceptions to the rules but if you have rules it makes you think twice before breaking them.

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                BMPhoto Scout

                My husband and I both work crazy schedules so we don't usually have two days off together that are back to back. Tuesday and Thursday are my Saturday and Sunday. We catch up on normal stuff, laundry, dishes, puttering in the garden. We try to stop and do at least one 'fun' family activity on each of our days off, go to the beach, watch the sunset, go out to dinner. It gets a little fustrating to not have 'real' weekends like other families but until people start getting married on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays that's when I have to work.

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                    Moderator Cath Guide

                    BMPhoto, I agree with you about weekends.  In our busy world Saturday and Sunday are often translated to Tuesday and Wednesday or other days.


                    What I DO think is important is that business owners need to make time to stop and refresh themselves, no matter the day(s).  A frantic, frazzled business owner is apt to say things or make decisions that they would normally not say or do if they were a bit rested.


                    Now rested to me is not sleeping but doing something away from the business that makes one happy.  Could be family outings, playing golf, sewing (for me), time with friends, etc.  Then you come back to your business ready to meet the world.


                    As far as JoleK's original post: hopefully your family comes first.  You may not be able to give them as much time as you would like, but Drape Lady mentioned mealtime attendance is a daily routine.  You might have other family 'rules' but develop those times together and your family will appreciate the effort you put into making the rules count.  And they will be more willing to understand all the time you put into your business.


                    You are pulled many ways each day.  Now is the time to decide which is the most important, then next, etc.  and begin to make your life reflect those decisions.  Easier said than done, I will admit.