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    Boost Your Business with YouTube [YouTube Optimization Tips]

    Howard Dave Adventurer



      I had been running my online business for a while and I want to share my experience and knowledge for those who are struggling with getting more exposure and keeping up with todays online competitions.  YouTube is a great way to advertise your business (Online or Offline).  Google owns YouTube and gets more exposure as Google tend to rank YouTube videos bettter.


      YouTube is free and making videos are easier than before.  There are many software that can be used to create awesome videos quickly and easily.  You can also outsource video creation if you don't know how to create one or don't want to spend some time on it. 


      I have tons and tons of YouTube videos that are ranking #1 on Google and outranked 7 years old videos and established sites.  I don't create fancy videos, infact I am getting more good results using simple slideshow videos.  It takes me 15 minutes to create a video using MS powerpoint or even YouTube's built in video editor. 


      There are few trick I learned that can help you outranked established and decade old videos or site.  Most of the people just upload the video on YouTube video optimizing it, and that's where we can have an edge. 


      Here are simple and quick things you can do to optimize your YouTube videos:


      • Always use your keyword on Title.  I had more success by using my keyword twice in the title.  For example, if you want to rank for "BlueRay DVDs", then use some thing like "BlueRay DVDs - Cheap BlueRay DVDs".  We used our keyword twice in the title and it will not only increase your ranking but also increase your click through rate as people tend to click on title that is more appealing.


      • Use your keyword in the description as much as possible.  Don't just write couple sentences but try writing as much as possibble and stuff it with the keyword such as "BlueRay DVDs".


      • Make sure your put your site's link on the either first or second line of the description with clear call to action.  For example,

                BlueRay DVDs - Cheap BlueRay DVDs - Click This Link To Grab Your Copies Before it runs out -


      • Tags are important.  Use tags as much as possible. This is another easy one that a lot of people screw up. You have probably noticed that YouTube will mess around with your tags. For example, if you put in: your-keyword 1, your key word 2, yourkeyword3... YouTube will delete some and/or use each individual word as a keyword rather than the phrase that you are wanting. Most people even don't know how to optimize tags. The trick here is simply using quotes along with commas for separation. So you do your tags like this: “your keyword 1”, “your keyword 2”, “your keyword 3”, and so on.YouTube leaves these as you wrote them and your tags are 100% perfectly targeted to your video description contents.


      • Before uploading the video, rename it to your keyword.  For example, rename your video to "BlueRay DVDs" and then upload it to your YouTube Channel.


      • If you have multiple YouTube channels, then link them to each other.  Google will give you a solid PR Do-follow link!


      That's pretty much it!  That's a golden information and can be used to outrank your competitors.  I have some videos that outranked 7 years old established site and video in couple hours!  I didn't even had a single backlink and they had gazillions. 


      You see how simple optimization can make such a huge difference. 


      Now, go and create a video, doesn't matter if its a professional or a simple slideshow video and outrank your competitors within a day!


      Good Luck