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    Open Source Calendar Software

    Craig Parker Tracker

      I was thinking that a calendar app was one of the things keeping people on MS Office, and that alternative might help someone cut the cord. I don't think that I mentioned it here, but I tried setting up a calandar server back in January.  I've only got Tuesdays (my day off) to do it really, and I also like to spend time doing things with the kids, so it's taken a while to find a chunk of time to devote to it.  That and there was something stupid I was missing the whole time.  It's always something stupid you know, like a missing semicolon in a configuration file, or I forgot to cross my fingers before I compiled code...  I finally got it done though  (insert evil laughter here) and documented the process if anyone wants to take a stab at it.  It ended up being way easier than I initially thought it would be.



      If you try it out, please let me know.  If you get stuck, please let me know as well.  I'd love to hear that people are trying new things.