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    Xerox eConcierge Supplies Assistant app.

    SRochele Newbie

      Hello to everyone on this forum,


      I would like to start up a discussion on a piece of software released by Xerox called eConcierge.





      It's an app. designed to monitor your networked printers and alert the user when ink/toner/supply levels are low. It currently supports not only Xerox printers/multi-function-units, but also several HP and Lexmark models. It also makes it quick and easy to order more supplies through the software, offering incentives for doing so. For example, in Canada at the moment, ordering through eConcierge gives a 5% discount on orders over $100, free shipping, as well as a $25 Visa gift card with your first order.


      The software is free, and requires no commitment.


      The advantage for the user? It means no more manual, sporadic checks of printer supply levels, and of inventory stock; when you are alerted that supplies are low, simply order more. eConcierge makes it easy and convenient to order through it, providing easy one-stop shopping where only your printers and the supplies for those printers are listed, but there is no obligation to do so.


      The advantage for Xerox? Repeat business. If eConcierge can succesfully save the user time and money, it will result in repeat business.


      Disclaimer: although I am not a Xerox employee, I am affiliated with Xerox. I am personally interested in trying to increase awareness about this software, and to learn about the people who find it useful, as well as those who do not. I will also answer questions as best I can.