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    What is the best way to make extra cash online?

    MommyTribe Adventurer


      So I've started a online business this year.

      I'm starting to realize some revenue, but no where near what I would like.

      I've put in a lot of efforts, but I am not reaping the rewards.


      Has anybody found a good way to make extra cash online?

      I'm sure people in this forum must have some good ideas that we can share and profit from.


      Please share only legitimate online business suggestions.


      Thank you!

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          Tran Nguyen Tracker



          Congrats on the new business venture!


          This is digging deep into my head, but when I was in high school, I made a point of selling video games online to troops overseas. My main thing was selling Final Fantasy VII and other playstation games to troops and to be honest, feedbacks are essentials.


          I went on yelp and had a few buyers reviewed me on there. I had good ratings on Amazon. I also had to invest a lot into finding the product for a very inexpensive price. Beyond that, I did a lot of twitters where I would post a new item I had found, what was just recently sold, and so on.


          Finally, I also offered the option to potential buyers to request items/games/etc. I would then go and find these at goodwill, garage sales, estate sales, ebay, and all that. The price would then be reflected on how much effort it took me to find it. Also, if I found the item and they didn't want it anymore, I would list it anyway and somebody always came along to buy it.


          So really, I guess it's just being persistant with it. Without a physical store, you lose the ability to have walk-ins so your policies are going to have to be amazing to attract buyers. Something like, "Rush Deliveries Accepted for Birthdays" or something along that line. I hope this helps, it's been a very very long time ago.


          Tran N Nguyen

          Accountant & Owner

          Tran'sActions Accounting, LLC

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            I've just finished reading a brand new book, An Unprogrammed Life, by William H. Saito, subtitled "Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur."

            Saito began working with computers in high school. He went on to medical school, urged by his Japanese-American parents,

            but never practiced. Instead he became a very successful business owner and now teaches and consults all over the world.


            Maybe you can help you reap the rewards.


            Good luck, LUCKIEST

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              Howard Dave Adventurer



              Do you have dedicated YouTube channel to promote your business.  Does your business appear on the first page of Google? 


              Since its an online business, you need to optimize it so maximize your profits.  I wouldn't recommend that you side track yourself by looking for others means to make money.  Stay focusses on your business and put some work, money and time to optimize it.


              I had been running online business for a while, and I was in same situation as you were.  I was not optimizing my online business and was not getting much traffic and Google ranking.  If you are in an online business, then traffic is everything.  You need to do some SEO work or hire someone for it.  Do Google search and look for some trusted companies.  If you are not sure, then let me know and I will send you list of services I use that are not only affordable but will definitely boost your online business.


              Good Luck



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                Moderator Ilona Ranger

                These all sound like great ideas, let us know if they are helpful to you and how you are doing in your venture.