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    Looking for testers for my software (useful for e-commerce)

    besonix Wayfarer
      I am developing a software that might help you with your online business.
      It's a marketing tool allowing you to see your visitors currently on the website, with useful informations about them (what they searched on google or other search engines, what country/state/city they are in, what page they are looking at (realtime) and many others).It also allows you to interact with them by chat.
      So imagine seeing a list of visitors in our windows operator program, double clicking it and sending him a message like "how may i help you?".Then he gets the option to chat with you live in a chatbox that will open.

      You can also have a little button sayin "live chat available" or "live chat offline" (in case you are not logged in on the console).

      It has also a realtime analitics system, meaning you can see statistics about your visitors like: number of unique visitors, number of clicks, visitors by country, screen resolution, top referrers, and top search keywords.
      Every statistic is in realtime, meaning you can see how many visitors you had today so far, without having to wait for a day for the report.

      It's a very handy program, but it's stil not 100% complete.
      I am looking for people to test it and ican give it to you for free for a couple of months until we get it on the market.
      All I'm asking for is for you to give me some feedback with how the software performed (problems, suggestions, etc..)


      Please contact me at besonix at gmail dot com in case you are interested.
      Thank you for taking time to read this.