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    Small business strategies

    jasminelane Adventurer

      Please tell me the strategies for doing small business

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Wow, Can you narrow it down a little.

          Go to "Profile" and share some info.

          Are you in business NOW??

          What kind of SMALL business??

          There is so much on line and at book stores on strategies.


          Again, help us to help you, LUCKIEST

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              People are eager to share tips for online marketing success. Each one sounds better than the next.


              The truth is that most advice focuses on *what* to do.  You probably know you need a website,

              a social media presence, and a landing page for your giveaway.


              A common area where people get "stuck" comes in creating an opt-in system to grow your list.


              - How do you find a topic and title that will appeal to your prospective clients?


              - How do you create content for your giveaway?


              - How can you write the opt-in page?


              You can hire a copywriter (and we're not cheap) or find a dedicated coach to walk you through the steps,


              Or we can help, Again LUCKIEST