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    The Fun of Retirement

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Not wearing a watch.

      Naps (almost anytime)

      Never saying no to the kids.

      The sound of my NY Times hitting the driveway.

      Running into one of my old bosses in the grocery store or the hardware store.

      Snow days!


      Any others??

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Interesting topic, Luckiest.  I'll add:

          Sleeping in if you choose

          More time to reach out to others in community projects

          Ability to find time to play

          Additional time to persue a long set-aside hobby

          Taking time to enjoy the company of friends and family
          Working with no expectation of pay (and surprising the recipents with that news)


          Who else will add to the list?



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            BMPhoto Scout

            Well I'm not retired yet but I'll add some things that I'd like to happen

            Having a beer with breakfast

            Going kayaking on a Tuesday

            Making plans at the last minute

            Waking up and deciding to go on a road trip

            Attening school programs with my kids

            Napping in my hammock