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    SBOC Trivia

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      Before we begin, a few Trivia Guidelines:

      • SBOCTeam or CommunityTeam will ask a few trivia questions.
      • The first user to respond with the correct answer will win a cool SBOC T-shirt today.
      • Depending on the question, we may accept several responses.
      • If you know the answer, simply respond quickly and hit reply to post.
      • Also, if you know everything about SBOC - we love it! But, let others win too. You can only win once in the SBOC Trivia Event per day.
      • If you are selected as the winner and would like to receive the SBOC T-shirt, please make sure you update your online profile with your preferred mailing address and contact name. You will receive your t-shirt in the mail within 3-4 weeks. Thanks.
      • We will begin shortly. Get ready!