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    Need Help

    Zeal_for_LIfe Newbie

      I need to promote my business and get more people under me I've tried several sights but it hasn't worked.  The business is called Zeal for Life any suggestions.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Vicki


          Tell us more. What kind of business are you trying to promote??

          What do you mean by "get more people under me"??

          Is this a pyramid type of business??

          Help us so we can give you suggestions



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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Also continuing, you can develop your opt-in system: your giveaway, landing page and tempting title.


            Your opt-in system is probably the cornerstone of your online marketing.

            You can create and promote your giveaway, start signing up targeted prospects, and following up with your new subscribers.


            Again LUCKIEST