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    Facebook promotion

    maplelakeaccoun Newbie

      I am new to the forum! I have just started an accounting business and I was wondering if anyone has paid for advertising with Facebook?  I was wondering if it would be a good idea to get my name out there.  I don't wnat things to go crazy however and end up having a $2,000 advertising bill.  Any suggestions?

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          AcctPracticeEx Adventurer

          From what I have read Facebook click through rates are very low.


          As a start I'd suggest you try Google Adwords. There are often offers available to new account users (where they give you free funds to test the service).


          You can set a daily limit to ensure that you don't run up a bill.


          I'd definitely recomend it.  May I add that when you set up a campaign in Google Adwords that you set a geographical target area.  In other words the ad will only be displayed to thos that live within that area - great if you are an accountant looking to to get local clients.


          Good luck and if I can be of any assistance then I'd be glad to help.

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            BMPhoto Scout

            I tried it with FB and it was a learning experience. I wasn't specific enough with my target area (missed that tab) but I set my advertising limit to $10 per day for two days just to see how it worked. Figured I'd only be out $20 if it didn't work. I got a handful of new fans but not all locally. I'd like to try it again but making it only for my county and the ones surrounding it. And change the wording in my ad to possibly offer something. 50% off session, free 8x10, something like that. Have you had your FB page for awhile? I remember them sending me a coupon for $50 in free ads when I hit 300 fans I think.