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    Check in time

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I read the posts and join in when I feel that I have something of value to contribute and I know you all do too. People thinking of starting a new business wirte in and ask start-up questions, new business owners are stumped by something that has come up in their business and wonder how others tackle the problem, those encountering hard times will ask if we will point them towards a way to resolve the problem, and the list goes on.......


      We jump in with some advice - some golden, some that has passed the test of time, some that just might work.  But we do try to be of assistance.


      So, to all those who have written in and asked for our help, ideas, or whatever - now is the time for you to speak out.  Did we help?  Was our advice taken?  Was it valuable?  How are you doing now?


      Let's go full circle and get some feedback.  Just a few sentences to let us know how things are going with you and your business.


      Who's first?