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    Reach Your Real Prospects

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Copywriting can be practiced and you can increase your skill.

      You eventually develop the "copywriting mindset," so you create a solid foundation for *all* your marketing.


      Most important, when you study copywriting you get realistic strategies.

      You don't get put in the position of composing a musical piece or creating a game play that can't be executed, because it's just not possible.


      Coaches, consultants and other business owners often chose a strategy.

      Sometimes they've invested time and money and they're eager to get started.


      But when they sit down to translate their concepts into a solid, kick-butt marketing campaign, everything comes grinding to a halt.

      These brilliant strategies can't be translated into marketing materials.

      It's like trying to play musical pieces that were written for instruments that don't exist.


      You don't need to become a full-fledged copywriter - just learn enough so you won't be creating a baseball type play for a football game or vice versa.