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    Lic. Home Builder seeking investors or Partners 2 build

    santagata4u Newbie

      My Company First Class Construction LLC See: ROC LICENSE #222102 @ . I have been a licensed contractor for over 8 years with only 1 resolved valid complaint . andI am the qualifing Party as well as owner of My Company / LLC.. As such I have opened and closed over the last 8 years over 40 building permits in the Phoenix and Adjacent cities. My Buisness Plan was/is 2 secure funding using A prospective property (new land Aquisition) and New construction of home As collateral . My credit is not great and I need to rely on others now. I am the single owner and need advice & or/ lender & or / partners & or /investors / to help in obtaining this because of lack of credit and money I have been stuck doing additions 4 the last 8 years. before that I ran a succesful Handyman service and new that a company needs employees/managers or your just working 4 yourself not running a business. so after that my younger brother was my partner for 6 years and he just could not handle or grasp the business as he was 2 run the jobs that I bid/sold and I could run the office but I ended up organizing the job , drawing the plans 4 the cities , working the jobs and doing all the work 4 he eventually was to learn how 2 run the job (which would have made it worth all that I had 2 endure) which never happen And I ended up having 2 work 80 hours + week 2 be succesful . leading me to do it all my self causing our relationship 2 end. now I have A Limited liability Corporation in Arizona instead of my former partnership with brother. I have been searching 2 Find investors and partners but instead have been unable 2 find the Time because I have 2 do all the work my self I started out using my own money over $30,000 to organize my company to be a dully licensed builder commercial & residential builder which I passed all requirements/testing but chose 4 the price only residential. any way home building is the way see now as a home builder you only need subcontractors and good contracts basically they r now the employees (1099). They r accountable to me and the Registrar of Contractors and the rest is the same a construction permits and inspections go but the money is great and now I can be what I was made 2 be a builder but I need u and u or maybe buy out my buisness 4 a small price. call me : 480-381-8768 John T. Santagata III .