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    Emergency Procedures

    Moderator Cath Guide

      All the forest fires and weather issues that we seem to be seeing daily on the news has got me wondering if we, as business owners, need to update our emergency procedures in our company guidelines.  What, you have no emergency procedures?  Well now is a good time to either update or write those procedures and then train your employees and then move forward.


      Floods, fire, tornadoes, robbery, loss of power, and the list goes on.  When your employees are the first on the scene, do they know what to do first?  Next?


      Some things to consider and I encourage others to jump in and add to my list:

      -list of emergency phone numbers and people to contact (including police, fire departments and 911)

      -how to turn off water, electricity, etc. if a disaster occurs

      -in case of fire or impending weather conditions, any papers or important items that should be removed

      -list of employees to call and update

      -if owner is not able to be reached, who to call next

      -who does your online presence work - does your webpage need to be updated for the emergency?  what about your Facebook page?

      -who will handle phone calls


      Where are your emergency procedures posted?  In an accessible place?  Does everyone know where this place is?  Has everyone been given their own copy to put with their employee guidelines?  When were these procedures last updated?


      I'm sure you have thought out what to do in an emergency, but have you passed this information on to your employees?  Should something happen to you or perhaps you are not able to be reached who would be the next in command? 


      While we always hope that emergency procedures will never be needed, having them in place gives everyone a sense of empowerment for that one time those procedures are needed.