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    I have a small trucking company, 3years now, need debt relief... HELP?

    3Gtrucking Wayfarer

      I have a small trucking company in Texas, Houston area. I have been in business over 3 years now and find that I have spread myself pretty thin. I am making money now but I have used personal credit cards and loans to get here. I am looking for a small business loan, consolidation loan, or anything that will help me make life easier. I am looking to pay off all equipment, all credit cards, loans and have enough left over for working capital.I am seeking $110,000.00 - 125,000.00 to be paid off with in 4 years. I have a low credit score of approx 600. I can verify that I make money with bank statements and tax records. Im just looking to make my life easier. I work full time as a firefighter and my "sidejob" has grown and taken over. I need help, If anyone knows where I can obtain investors, and/or a loan please let me know. Thank you for your interest.