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      Is there anyone or company that construct extremely precise and informative business plans for under or at two-hundred dollars?
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          My-Financial Newbie
          You will find quite a few, but the one I have heard the best things about and they have a huge database of sample business plans is palo alto. They range from $99 + up. You will find a direct link to them at my site under business plans or you can search for them on the web. Either way they are a good company and you can find business plans for companies similar to yours and then customize them.
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              typistave Newbie

              While Kevin is right about Palo Alto (they do amazing work), in my experience, I've found that a business plan should be written by the business owner. Getting it done for you can be great, but it can also be dangerous. Especially if you are a small business, or even a large business. Depending on what you're using your business plan for, you should really take into account whether you want to let someone outside your business write it, or if you even need on to begin with. If you are planning to use your business plan to apply for loans and investments, or even if you are simply using it as a road map for your company, I've found that when you write it yourself, you are able to inject more of your personality, as well as the culture and personality of your business. This can help you, as banks and investors like to know that along with good profitability and investment returns, that your business has a strong enough foundation to stand on when it comes to how things will run and what you will do to attract and win customers.

              If writing the business plan yourself is completely out of the question, I would suggest that you at least find a company that offers consultations and is will to learn the intimate details of your company before slapping a business plan together. Or, try delegating to your employees, and let the entire company work together in creating a business plan that will reflect your business's culture and mission.

              My company, Typist Ave. offers business plan preparation and production, and I would be happy to work with you to get your business plan together. Feel free to visit my website, to contact me.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Bell22, SCORE. SCORE is FREE and will help you write and develop your Business Plan
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