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    Cybersecurity - Teleworking and the Threat of Data Theft

    jamorak Wayfarer

      I read almost weekly now about massive security breaches with large enterprises, government organizations, etc.  The more I read it seems to be about the mobile workforce and sensitive data either being stolen form the cloud, or when downloaded on to a laptop or mobile device.  Even with banks and law firms that have massive security procedures in place to protect against it.  Lately though, I've been reading more and more about the threats to small businesses and how data theft can cripple a growing company.   


      Heather Clancy wrote a good article about the threats to small business back in December:


      I've seen a bunch of tools out there, and one really interesting release from a company named Route1, that is now selling the tool that the Dept of Homeland Security, Defense and other government agencies use, online for the first time, for about $500 a shot:


      Has anyone heard of or used the Route1 solution?  Does anyone know of other solutions for the small businesses and how they stack up?


      Has anyone been hacked?  Or like most of what I read, do people not really care about it?