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    snail mail

    grafikrtist Scout

      How effective is snail mail. Would it be useful to get clients to grow my business as a freelance graphic designer ?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Snall mail is NOT very effective and is also VERY expensive..

          A better way to get clients and grow your business is is doing things for other people.......................


          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Travis Van Slooten Adventurer

            Yes and no. There are creative and inexpensive ways you can engage in direct mail marketing that can be effective if you're consistent. On the other hand, if you go the traditional route of having postcards or brochures created and sent out, be prepared to spend a lot of money and be prepared to wait for months to see results.


            As I mentioned in the reply I gave you in the General Business forum, one way you can get in front of business owners is to work with SEO companies - or individuals that provide SEO and Internet Marketing services to small businesses. As an SEO consultant myself, I work with small businesses everyday and I rely on web designers, graphic designers, and developers to outsource this work to.


            Another idea is you might want to provide your services to Internet Marketers at first to build up your portfolio and network. To that end, I would go to the Warrior Forum (just Google it) and register there. This is the largest forum for Internet Marketers in the world. They have a "Warriors for Hire" forum where you can advertise your services. The key to get a foothold there is to offer your services dirt cheap. You then get lots of positive reviews and recommendations and things can take off from there.


            Finally, you might also want to consider crowd sourcing opportunities like and


            Good luck!


            Travis Van Slooten

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              alexbest27 Newbie

              Sending out direct mail pieces can be an effective way to just get the word out about your business and let potential customers know you exist. USPS actually a really good direct mail program, Every Door Direct Mail, that's really effective and pretty cost effective, too, especially when you consider how many people you can reach. They have some cool videos on their Facebook ( page that explain it better than I do. Hope this helps and good luck!

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                Jordan J. Caron Wayfarer

                Hey grafikrist,


                I would look at offering some value in your marketing. Try contacting local business groups (Chamber of Commerce) and offer to speak about your design process. I would also find any entrepreneur groups as they would seemlingly needed a logo done.