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    Soccer Academy: Permits/Licensing?

    imartin1576 Newbie
      Like stated on my porfile, I am in the process of creating a business plan. I have visitied many websites, websites that give much information of how to start and maintain a busniess, all to better educate myself in the subject. So the question that I have in mind is do I need any type of licensing for a 1-month program soccer academy during the summer? I have been to sites like, and
      to find out this sort of information but no luck. (or maybe I just just can't seem to find it)

      Please any type of information will be greatly appreciated, also I will be more thatn happy to answer any questions you may have for me

      Thank you for reading


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          FCPainter Adventurer
          the best advice i can offer is put some really rough ideas together and then start presenting them to people. Write down the questions they ask you. Present to 3 of your friends and tell them to pretend they are possible customers. present to a professor and ask him to pretend he is a potential investor. go see the local business development office and ask them to advise you as if you were looking for a loan. talk to other people as if you were convincing them to work for you. see if a local accountant would have lunch with you and here your pitch.

          keep writing down the questions and then make your plan better.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Soccer Academy: Permits/Licensing, Welcome and good luck.

            *Where are you holding this *1-month program soccer academy during the summer,

            like at a College?? SCORE can help with your business plan. SCORE is FREE

            Instead of asking about types of licenses. think about INSURANCE.

            Again good luck, LUCKIEST