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    Marketing for Software Company

    ivyss Wayfarer



      I have been running a software company in India for the past 2yrs. Planning to expand our services globally now and I am looking at options to market our services across countries. Any ideas to help me with this marketing?

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          Travis Van Slooten Adventurer

          As an Internet Marketing consultant the easy answer is to say you should engage in SEO, PPC, and social media - but that is a pretty vague and general answer:) They type of software you have will determine the best way to market it. For example, if you are marketing accounting software, I would research to find out as much about this industry as possible. Who uses this type of software? Where do you find these users online (is it forums, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, all of the above)? Once I had a profile of my target market, I would proceed accordingly. This is a grassroots marketing strategy so it will take time.


          If your budget allows and you want a quicker route to your target market, then PPC (pay-per-click) and press releases would be a great first start.


          Travis Van Slooten