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    Requisites of a good Website Design

    Roger Pelt Wayfarer

      With the new era begins, a website is inarguably the most important when starting a new business. It represents a business, creates a favorable reputation of the same and fosters credibility. So if you want good website you should follow some important key points.


      First of all remember that your website must balance visual appeal and functionality. Because you have only few seconds to attract your visitor if you make your web site so hard to use and ugly to see, you could damage your sales opportunity. You must ensure not only score but reach the anticipation of the visitors.


      One of the important key feature is content. Without content website is meaningless. So, content should be informative, accurate and updated. If your website visitors satisfied with content you have written they will visit it again. This also lets the search engines know and will enhance your results rank on their search pages.


      Another important factor is easy navigation of the web site. Ensure that your web design has a proper navigation menu so that your visitors can use the website with ease. Primary goal of any web site is to attract visitor and fulfill their demand and expectations. A carefully planned navigation structure can have far-reaching impacts, including visitor conversion and search engine optimization. For most websites, every page should be reachable by no more than two  or away from the home page. This lets users find relevant information while allowing search engines to easily crawl and discover the structure of the site.


      Once you have created the website it does not mean people will visit it soon because for that your website must be SEO friendly. If your website does not have proper SEO to index then money you have spent will become despicable.


      At last the website is ready or is reworking on it, you would need to check the W3C validation of the codes. If the site fails to go through the validation test and shows any error, then the perfection of the site's code system can be questioned.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Interesting read, ClickSSL.  Often we have people asking about websites what they should look like, how to create them, etc.  You have incorporated quite an impressive list of factors to think about.


          One addition I might add, if you don't mind that I am tagging on to your great post: once you have done the work and have either created your own website or paid someone to do the work for you, is to keep it current.  Don't let too much time pass between updates.  I'm sure everyone has visited a webpage and then revisited a week or two later and everything is the same.  Even if you don't have new products to feature, move things around or create a place to give reviews on some of the products.  That way your website won't be static and will create new interest every visit.


          Anyone want to add something to ClickSSL's list?



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              Craig Parker Tracker

              I've started ditching drop down menus because they're dicey at bes on mobile browsers.  There's one site left I need to work on and I haven't yet figured out how to replace the drop downs while not hogging screen real estate.  I'd rather just have one site with fluid widths than make mobile and desktop/laptop versions.


              I don't think there's necessarily an established "best practice" yet is there?  Aren't we all still kind of making this up as we go along?

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              longlivemedia Tracker

              Right at the start of website creation, you must be thinking of SEO techniques already. You should, by then, must have thought of a conversion strategy or strategies. It's one thing to get enough traffic; it's another to convert that into sales.

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                esprintguy Adventurer

                Yes. Employees' access to social media was reported to increase the company's productivity.

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                  esprintguy Adventurer

                  That's because it's the marketing strategy that affects everything in your marketing layout.