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    Performing due diligence on a web based business

    laurieed2002 Adventurer

      I am looking at a web based business and need to know how a person would go about performing due diligence on a web based business?  I realize most things would be the same as far as looking at past years tax returns, etc. but are there any things that should be done that are particular to a business of this sort?  I know there are profitable, legitimate web based businesses out there, but finding one in all of the thousands of businesses that either have an idea that is not sustainable or are mlm based is very hard.  I am looking at an APP business that is for sale.  I have a few ideas that could hopefully grow the business further but am very wary of a business such as this especially when it comes to obtaining a loan to buy the business for 5 or more years.  I appreciate any help anyone can give me on this and look forward to hearing everyone's input.