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    Words of Wisdom


      In a recent publication, Richard Branson, successful entrepreneur, gave some advice. He said don't bother doing something unless you're radically different from the competition.


      Do you feel your business fits that advice?  How do those words apply to your business?


      Do you agree or disagree?


      Satisfy my curiosity about this. I feel that it doesn't apply to a lot of different types of businesses, such as chain foods and shops . One can be affiliated with a successful operation without being totally unique. What do you think?



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Almost everybody who goes in to business, thinks that their business will be radically different from the competition.


          I also have my own 3 rules


          Is it true?

          Is it kind?

          Is it necessary?

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            OfficeGoddess Navigator

            I think that even if you provide the same service as someone else, you can still stand out through high quality customer service and (if that is your biz) a high quality product.  There are LOTS of virtual bookkeepers out there (my personal competition) but I have no problem getting clients.  Why?  Word of Mouth!  I provide exemplary customer service, maintain solid ethics, and show courtesy toward my clients; I treat them as if they were ME and what I would want/expect from them if they were providing their services to me.  Therefore, I get referrals.  Since I often have to turn away potential new clients (there is only 1 of me!) I also have a list of referrals that I have complete confidence will reinforce my own service values if they work with the client, instead.  I have had past turn-aways refer me (even though I didn't do their work!) because of my integrity and willingness to help them find a good bookkeeper if I wasn't available.


            Lily Chambers

            The Virtual Office Goddess, LLC

            Author: How To Do Your Own Small Business Bookkeeping