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    graphic designer business plan

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      what would a graphic designer business plan include ? and why is it so important ?

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          We'll try this again. I previously replied to your question and the moderator deleted it. I suppose it's because I mentioned a business plan software link. So, I'll respond again without the link this time.


          I business plan is very important. It doesn't matter what type of business you have, all businesses are comprised of the same concepts. All any business does is solve a problem or fill a need for a group of people or businesses. Your definition of a solution will tell you what your sell (product/service), who you sell it to (target market) and how you sell it (marketing). When you write a business plan, it forces you to think about all of these things and formulate a strategy.


          If you don't have one, you will likely waste a lot of money and time. A good plan will create a specific focus for you, when you're finished writing it, you'll have increased awareness of what you need to do to succeed. The thing that most people don't realize is that the finished plan isn't really the goal, its all the knowledge that you obtain during the process that is so valuable.


          I've written a lot of business plans, usually with spreadsheets, and they are tedious and time consuming. My company created a program for people just like you to use, which makes it very simple. It's really inexpensive, too. Unfortunately, if I give you the link to check it out, my post will be deleted again. If you reply to my post and ask for the link, maybe they will let me give it to you??


          Anyway, whether you use our software, someone else's software or go it by hand, it's definitely something you need to do.