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    A cautionary note

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We enjoy reading the helpful posts from everyone.  And the posts are valuable information to those who are searching for assistance.  We encourage all to join in on the various threads that appeal to them and those that they can add additional information on.


      Having said that, I want to add a word of caution on posting.  When you share information here, please use your own wording.  We will not accept copyrighted work.  If you find an article that is of interest and want to share it with others, please give the author credit.  Changing a word here and there is not enough.  Either take the subject and write your own spin on it or point us to the article you find interesting and give credit where credit is due.


      As our guidelines say: "Submit only your own, original content.  Help us maintain the community's reputation and observe the intellectual property rights of others by only submitting content you have personally written or else properly attributed.  The community should not be used to distribute unauthorized copies of any copyrighted material.".