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    What's the best way to sign/send documents without using snail mail?

    JBear89 Wayfarer

      I often need to sign and deliver documents without using email (some clients I work with are uncomfortable with receiving scanned images of signed documents attached in an email).  Right now I just use snail mail to send signed documents to these clients, but I'm worried that time-sensitive documents may not get there in time.  I'm spending a small fortune sending these documents through certified/overnight mail.  


      There's got to be a better way!  Any suggestions?

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          JC2868 Adventurer

          Your situation is the reason fax machines are still around - most people used to, and still do, fax to quickly, securely, and cheaply send documents.  I assume you don’t have a fax machine and thanks to the wonders of online fax, there’s no need for you to get one – you can now fax from your email using your internet connection and the document will arrive safely in your client’s fax machine.


          You can also sign documents without having to print, sign, and scan them.  Look for an online fax plan that includes a “digital signature” feature, which allows you to essentially paste a scanned image of your signature on documents.  I know HelloFax and RingCentral have this feature and I'm sure there are plenty of other providers that do too.


          Before hopping on the online fax route, however, make sure it’s the right choice for you.  There are many inexpensive low-volume plans out there, but $10 a month will get expensive if you’re only faxing 8 or 9 times a month. To find a service that best meets your needs, I suggest checking out an online fax comparison site, like, to research different providers.  

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            Viksn Wayfarer



            Why no using a faxing service? You can just use their applications and no faxing machines or anything else. Imho it's more comfortable and cheaper than anything else. It's just choose the right provider as there are many unfair providers. I would advice you - as this is a big company (as far as I know they just ate one of their competitors) and they always offer something new and interesting. They have adequate support and normal prices - so try and see if this is what you need.