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    Opening a Bakery/Craft Store

    PrettyMel Wayfarer

      I'm a single mom, not a lot of money. I want to open a bakery and craft store with a family member as partners. We each can afford to pay 500 a month towards rent, utilities and etc starting out (of course once open we feel we would do extraordinarilly well because there is no bakery or craft store where we live for 200 miles other than walmart). The cheapest space we can find to rent is 1500 a month with equal deposit. We also need a couple ovens and a refridgerated display case. Everything else we have or can get fairly easily or build ourselves. We really need to do this because we believe in our products and believe in our purpose of providing wholesome made from scratch baked goods and crafts at an affordable price. I have looked into grants and SBA funding but they seem to have minimums that you can apply for (most 15,000) We only need about 5,000 to start up (rent, deposit, stoves and display case). How can I get funding for so little of an amount? We don't have any other family to ask to borrow it and we've tried just about everything short of selling our souls to come up with it. Any Idea's?