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    Startup Boba Tea store cost estimation?+++++

    cheizy Newbie

      Hi everyone! first let me say this is a good forum! so much information!


      Well quick questions for ones who have experience in Boba Tea shops.


      How much generally does it cost to open a boba tea shop in California? I know startup overhead supplies is fairly low, tea/milk and powders are not very expensive. I have saved about $10k, how much more for a Boba Store? I will be opening with a partner as well to split cost. We have everything down to menu and perfected our own drinks with our own spin on things of course.


      Another question for those who owned or worked at one. How many cups do you generally sell a day? and is/was it profitable? This is going to be my first shop, have worked in healthcare all my life and need a change..


      Thank you all!! I can't wait to open my very own buisness!