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    Spark-Local - Promotion company for small business and especially new start ups

    Spark-Local, Inc Adventurer

      I am an owner of a new marketing firm for small business owners, entertainment and non-profit.  It is going through regeneration right now so we can promote our customers more through mobile apps.  The current website is  In a few weeks we will relaunch it with new marketing packages. 


      It comes on the heels of the AT&T business page business being sold. 

      It is my belief that instead of a directory that just advertises and customers have to find them, I believe that a directory should treat the paying client as a "star" something of importance and to help promote them. 


      I would like to know if there is any value with the current business directories on the market place.  Do they really provide value?


      I have also published a book in my spare time.   It goes on faith and a tremendous belief in God and to not be ashamed but to be transparent and real. 

      It is a quick read and I would appreciate if you left comments on the Amazon site.


      I look forward to talking with local businesses (regardless of location) and especially new business start-ups.  We have tremendous deals for you in regards to website, mobile aps, SMS/TXT Mkting and Social Media marketing. 


      So if there are any business, talent and non-profits that need to be

      Promoted not just advertised...give us a call.



      People taking care of each other....maybe it will just get Government out of the way.


      Agree???   Disagree???