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    starting a buisness

    ashlee Newbie

      hello my name is ashlee and my mother and I are wanting to start an expresso buissness and so i was just wondering if there is any kind of degree that is required to start this kind of buissness?

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          Balloon Bounces Wayfarer

          Ashlee, a degree is not required however you may want to work for someone in the business so you can learn all about this type of new venture. After you work for someone you may decide to start the business on your own or may not like it and decide to do something different. But one thing for sure what you learn about the business will not cost you in fact you will be paid to learn.

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Too often we (new business owners) get caught up in the beginning a business for ourselves.  And we forget all the practical experience that can be learned in working for someone else in the desired business field.  Hands-on, practical knowledge cannot be received in courses.  The Bounce House is right.


              Now this is not to say that courses are not important but a combination of the two is a good thing.


              Many of us have seen people get into business without looking all all facets and have been disillusioned and have turned their backs on the dream that once was prime in their minds.


              Work for someone else, learn all you can, ask questions, get paid - THEN make up your mind about opening a business or not.



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Welcome Ashlee, Good suggestion by The Bounce House


              To start your espresso business or any other business, I have two additional suggestions.


              One is to develop a business plan.


              The other is to contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and in the business of helping people who want to start a business.


              Good luck, LUCKIEST

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                  caitlynfera Adventurer

                  Hello friend ! firstly , i would like to wish you a good luck for your good business and it will be at peak goals that you have set   ahead. Also there is a  need for good analysis, as you are going with a new  one. Also te better experiences person  can guide you well.