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    I Need a CMS Website Build For Free....Dont Mind Hosting with You!

    Luvgzus Wayfarer

      I’m a new business owner and I’m searching for someone to build my CMS website for free.That being said this is what I need my site to have, 5-6 top navigation tabs and 20 left side navigation tabs,I’ll explain what I need the site to do.

      First of all I sell favors for all occasions: weddings, engagements, christening, confirmations and so on. I do not Ship at all my business is local here in New York; people generally do not buy favors outside their area. People pick up their favors everywhere unless they plan on wrapping themselves in that case people buy online,we only sell them wrapped. I need for items on my site to be able to go in a shopping cart with a minimum of 24 on all but with no credit card payment needed on check out because inventory needs to be check before I take a payment. I just need to be emailed with the order.If the shopping cart part of the site is what make this project too time consuming for it to be free, then im open to your ideas to make possible for it to be free. Costumers usually pay in person, I will be accepting deposite trough Paypal and full payment is made on pick up. Also I would like a Search bar for the site, each item has a code, this way if they already went on my site previously they will have the code and be able to enter it in without looking for the item all over again and if possible Social Networks buttons and LIKE and SHARE buttons. I do not have a logo so just company name on top and colors are up to you. My wife likes Pink and Lavender but you can do what ever you think looks Nice!  I just need you to build the site and of course ill put it all picture and prices and all info as long as you explain how and very easy to use. Also I would like to know what program you use to build the site. Will I be able to go to another web designer in case we lose touch?  What are you using wordpress? Joomla? My point is I would prefer an open source Platform for my CMS Site.

      I have seen on this site people that offer free design with hosting and ive emailed them but never got back to me, also they offer a 5 page site...not enough for me.

      I have attached the layout for the site on here.


      Thanks in Advance I really do appriceate anyone who can do this for us, also for any help leading me to finding someone who will do this.