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    Do I require both an attorney and an agent?

    Murgatroydals Wayfarer

      I want to commercialize an artistic design. In the not too distant future I intend to create a corporation (probably as an LLC). I will transfer legal title and possession of these entities to the LLC:


      • the copyright for the artistic design
      • a single unit that I created. This single unit that I created is not museum quality though I imagine will serve a future purpose.
      • 3D graphical designs of the artistic expression as I envision them utilized within an ideal envirionment


      My intentions are to commercialize the artistic design by presenting the 3D graphical representations to principals and owners of established corporations. Ideally I intend to license the artistic design to just one of these corporations to create and distribute products.


      I can either incorporate online or seek the services of a brick and mortar establishment. Though less expensive if I go online to incorporate I suppose I have no opportunity to have those who created my LLC to represent my interests in legal matters such as negotiating a Non-Binding Agreement with prospective clients. I would then require an agent to negotiate future legal concerns. An agent first off wants to know what the artistic design is all about, so this route is out.


      Brick and mortar law firms are expensive to get a foot in the door, … 'yes, I must remain frugal.'


      Sort of paradoxical. Any insights or offers of advice as to the path I'm traveling here?