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    To Etsy or Not To Etsy

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I have crafter friends who have been urged by others to put their craft items up on Etsy for sale.  I have gone to the Etsy website and read all the how-to information there.  But still have questions. 


      1.  How much extra advertising is left up to the crafter.  I understand that the more advertising the better to get items out for others to see but does Etsy have enough traffic to make additional advertising essential?


      2.  While I realize that Etsy is one venue of many, are crafters allowed to sell other places online as well?


      3.  How much time out of one's crafting day is left after doing prep work for their Etsy page?


      I'd like to read some success stories from people who use Etsy and why they continue.  And also, from those who have chosen not to continue their relationship with Etsy - and why, if they are willing to share.


      I will assemble all this information and do lunch with my friends and share with them.  Thanks, in advance, for your comments.