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    Hard to handle customers

    Moderator Berta Guide

      We've all seen or been the customer that is difficult to handle. You know the one. The person who is in denial that they need your service or product even though it's painfully obvious to everyone else how much it would benefit them. Or, the one who puts down your service or product as inconsicquential. A waste of time.


      How do you go about winning over this customer/client? What makes your company/product stand out above the rest?


      Can't wait to see your answers.



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          Uncle Leon Tracker

          If ever there was an idel candidate for the SPIN sdales technique, this is it. 


          "S P I N is an acronym.  This is a very "soft" sales technique technique where you ask the prospective client questions that lead HIM to the conclusion that YOUR product or service will solve a specific problem, resulting in a stront benefitt for the client.  This allows the client to determine, in his own mind that your product / service is beneficial to him.  And like one of the Dale Carnigee principals, it creates a situation where your client believes that it is HIS idea.


          Situational questions                 What is the situation, now ?

          Problem questions                    What problem (or problems) does this situation cause ?

          Implications questions               How does that problem negatively effect your business ? 

                                                         How much (in dollars) do you feel that this problem costs you, annually?

          Need-Payoff questions              If you had my product, how could it solve your problem / benefit your business ?

                                                     (In dollars) how much benefit do you think my prduct would save / earn you're business ?         

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            esprintguy Adventurer

            I think it would show. You don't have to do all the convincing. Just say something about the benefits of availing your services, provide examples and whatnot. But hold your client loosely. Otherwise, he or she will slip out of your hands.