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    Interviewing new employees

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We are comfortable with the employees we have - everything is going along fine -- and then the day comes that an employee leaves or your business grows enough to need more employees.  You are greeted with the task of advertising, interviewing, and hiring additional employees.  This can be something you dread or look forward to, nevertheless it needs to be done


      Let's suppose that whatever your business, the employees do not need to come into your employ as highly skilled people.  Let's suppose that all they will need to start is some training from within your company by you or by an experienced employee.


      With this in mind, what qualities do you look for during the interview?  What qualities can you overlook, knowing further training will eliminate them?  What qualities are deal-breakers in the interview?


      Share your ideas or past history with interviews that went really well and interviews that didn't.  Your comments may well help someone else as they look for new employees.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Good question, another thought is to  use a staffing agency


          Using a staffing agency saves you preparing payroll and paying payroll taxes, and can also help your cash flow.


          On the negative side, you are paying a premium using the staffing agency.

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            OfficeGoddess Navigator

            After going through the overwhelming amount of resumes we receive from any employment ad, I email a pre-interview questionnaire to my handful of potentials to help save time and pre-screen before spending time on interviews.  It is amazing the types of answers you get to these questions (and some folks don't bother to respond at all - instant rejection )  I have found that the answers have helped me up-front to determine if the potential interviewee is a good fit with our companies culture.  Here is the questionnaire I use:



            As I’m sure you know, in the current economy, any posted job opening receives an overwhelming quantity of qualified responses.  In order to assist in the process of narrowing down the physical interviews to the best suited applicants, we have developed this pre-interview questionnaire.  Please complete this questionnaire and return it to us by the requested deadline. Thank you.





            1. Why did you leave your last employer?

            2. What did you like the least?
            3. If we asked your last employer what your three best characteristics were, what would they say?
            4. What would your last employer say is the number one thing you need to improve on?
            5. Tell me what you liked most about your last job position?
            6. What tasks do you really dislike that you would avoid if you could?
            7. What has been your favorite job so far and why?
            8. Was there anyone you didn’t get along with or that you found difficulty working with or for in any of your last jobs?  If yes, what was it that bothered you about this individual?
            9. Suppose you were given work direction from two different people who demanded that their task is performed “right away.”  How would you react?
            10. Tell me about a situation where you had too much to do in a small amount of time.  How did you manage it?
            11. What are some of the ways you have of coping with stress?  What are you like when you are stressed?
            12. What do you do to keep yourself organized?
            13. What is your strongest characteristic?
            14. What is your greatest weakness?
            15. In what ways would you like to improve on your current work habits?
            16. What contributions do you feel you can make to our company?

            17. What characteristics do you look for in a supervisor?
            18. If hired, do you have any personal or professional commitments that will keep you from reporting to work on a regular basis?
            19. What salary would you like to be at within 3 years?
            20.   Do you have any questions for me?