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    Summer Interns

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Summer is here and teens and young adults are searching for summer jobs.  Would you hire a teen or young adult for the summer, knowing that come fall they would be back in school and unavailable for work?  Would you be willing to help them get acquainted with a real day -to-day business situation?  Perhaps offer to mentor them along as they learn the basics?


      This takes quite a bit of your time or someone on in your business' time.  Would you be willing to give this time?


      I know some businesses have a summer intern program and they feel that the benefits are good for both employee and employer.  And other businesses just don't think it is worth the time spent on their part.


      How do you feel about hiring a summer intern?  Have you done this before?  Was it a good fit for your business?  Would you advise other business owners to hire a summer intern?  Or not?