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    QuickBooks does it again!

    amspcs Ranger

      Intuit, makers of QuickBooks financial software, is up to their old hostage marketing tactics again.  They have announced that their proprietary payroll service will no longer work for users of QuickBooks 2009 and older as of June 30, and all affected users MUST upgrade to a newer version of QB software on or before that date.  I don't know about all of you, but I like to buy things when I WANT to, not when I am FORCED to on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.  To quote from their press release:  "We are encouraging customers to upgrade their QuickBooks software as soon as possible to minimize disruption to their businesses".  Gee thanks guys, mighty considerate of you to worry about disrupting my business. What about the disruption to the bank accounts of all those who are being FORCED to go out and replace perfectly good software they otherwise have no need or desire to replace, other than the fact that their payroll function is being held hostage.   Unfortunately, Intuit does this all the time with the payroll, payment processing, and numerous other add-on products.   The irony is, the wounds suffered by their hostage marketing victims are self-inflicted because there are dozens of excellent third party payroll, payment processing, and other applications readily available on the market that do as good a job if not better, often at less cost, than the proprietary Intuit offerings.  Why do people insist on subjecting themselves to this abuse?