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    Thinking of Purchasing a automobile transport company

    looking Wayfarer

      Requesting some advice form the forum on the following:

      I have found an automobile transport company that has been in business for 27+ years and the owner is ready to move on. I have reviewed the last 5 years tax returns and P&L and the company is pulling a sustained profit of 380K+ each year.

      The real estate is conservatively priced @ $550,000. The seller bought & developed this property specifically for this business & spent $684,000 on the acquisition. Recently, the adjacent land, which is very similar, sold for exactly what the seller paid 5 years ago. Regarding the price for the business, the trucks have recently had a certified appraisal by an appraiser recommended by TD Bank for $1,009,000.  If you strip the tangible assets of $550,000 (real estate) & ($1,016,650 (trucks & small assets) from the total price of $2,295,000, the intangible value of the business is priced at only $728,350. the owner would be willing to be somewhat flexible on price & terms, and will finance the business with only $600,000 down.  If I have him strip out the real estate he would only require 350-400 down and I could lease the land back. I have about a 100K but need to get the rest in order to make this work.

      With the information given does this look like a good opportunity? Any ideas on how to ge the rest of the money for the down payment?


      Thanks in advance for advice and input.