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    What Is Best Cash Flow Book/Resource?

    HeavenOnEarth9 Newbie

      In running a small business for 10 years now, I'd say the most challenging thing for me is managing my cash flow.  I seem to be doing most things right overall, but still, cash flow management seems to be holding me back.  Does anyone have any great suggestions on a good book that is both informational but also teaches you some new skills/ways of doing things so that I can be both more efficient with my money and hopefully meet my goals quicker (since all my goals revolve around MONEY!)?  I hoping to find a book with good strategies for meeting specific goals.  I find it very challenging to both grow my business and sustain my business with the money that comes in.  Also, I'm curious to know good strategies for paying off debt.  Striking the balance between these three factors: sustainability, growth and debt is very confusing and I seem not to be able to come up with a solution on my own... and just end up frustrated and feel like I'm banging my head up against a wall.


      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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          D2x2993 Adventurer

          You may want to try the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in your area. The SBDC is funded by the SBA and will help you develop and understand cash flow statements.  Their services are free.  Wishing you continued success with you business.

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              AcctPracticeEx Adventurer

              This is how I have seen cash flows done in a variety of businesses.


              To create a 13 week cash flow:


              Set up a spreadsheet in excel with each column labelled as 1 business day.
              Set up 2 categories. Cash In and Cash Out.

              Under each category list your ingoings and outgoings (look at past bank statements) to get an idea of the types of transactions your business does.

              Ensure at the end of each week you sit down for an hour or two and update the cashflow.  It is a rolling 13 week cashflow and should always look 13 weeks in advance.
              When you sit down compare you actual bank balance to your cashflow and highlight where you are out.

              The devil is in the detail, but you will get a good understanding of the ins and outs of your business, which will help you manage those 'pinch points' as well as give you opportunities to identify cost control.


              Hope this helps. Good luck.

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              mere_wood Scout

              There are some good blogs out there as well. I know Funding Gates writes primarely on Cash Flow Management and they also have free daily email programs on cash flow management.The "bootcamps" I really like because they have actionable tasks and goals for each day, which I know you said you wanted to deal with specifics (I hate it when people just throw around ideology). Also, follow American Express Open Forum, they have really good writing and tend to talk about financials a lot