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    Let's share

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We all enter into our businesses with high expectations and great enthusiam.  We plan, chose a location with great care, market, offer our product(s), hire employees, train them............and then open our doors.  All this takes time and money.


      Hopefully our businesses will gather a following and we feel a sense of satisfaction.


      Time moves on and we hit a lag.  For some reason we are not as excited as we used to be, business is ok but not great, we begin to question whether our employees are giving their 'all' for us.......  I'm sure we have all had periods like that.


      I'm wondering what you do to re-energize yourself and your busines at times like this.  And I hope you will feel invited to share a comment or two.  Your thoughts might be of help to someone who is questioning her/himself.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Try not to fall into the trap that it is a bad economy. Instead revert back to your sales training.

          What target markets have you been successful in? Do you need to adjust your product's value proposition?

          Target older clients that want to explore the internet but do not want to invest much to see if having

          internet search capabilities and email are worth them investing in.


          Ask yourself if you have explored other sales channels (ebay, craigs list, etc.),

          Be creative. But most of all ask yourself if you are as excited about what you have to offer your clients

          as you were when you were making the earlier sales.


          Good luck

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            BMPhoto Scout

            Several years back I was a manager for a national portrait studio chain and of course we always had sales goals to meet. If I wasn't meeting  or exceding my goals I would always stop and look at what I was doing differently. Did I use different training on new staff? Were we using a differest sales system? Had we changed our in store advertising? Was the studio clean and well lit or in need of any repairs? Were we delivering the same product we had set out to give our clients? It was a great way for me to see what I needed to change.