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    One Website or Mini Sites?

    Laz101 Wayfarer

      Hello and thank you in advance for your responses.


      My wife and I have been running a small service business for over 5 years and we recently came upon an untapped niche in our industry we will like to explore.

      We have found some niche keyword specific domains and have been contemplating building a few specific minisites linking to our main site(blog) in order to reach a more targeted audience.   It seems the more I research this concept the more confused I get.  My questions are the following:


      1.  Should we create a main blog, for example: "" and have some (about 10) independent optimized sites "," "," linking to our main blog or should we optimize these pages within our main blog?


      2.  If we choose to create this minisite buildout concept and these domains yield the following monthly search results which one should we pick?

      - - 3900

      - - 1700

      - HiltonHotelConference - 730

      - HiltonHotelConferences - 580


      I have heard that the plurals already include the singular version however they will not be an exact match.  Also if we add the word hotel we will be targeting a broader audience since "hilton conference" will still be included in the domain name, but once again it will not be an exact match.  Please help!  Which domain name should we pick?

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          LLG Adventurer

          I used the Google AdWords keyword tool and found the following information for you;

          hilton conference, global monthly searches 22,200

          hilton conferences, 590

          hilton hotel conference, 3,600


          However, I'm not sure this is going to get you what you want. Search engines don't put as much weight as you might think when you just use a domain as a pointer to another site. Although your domain name carries some weight, the spiders are looking for relevant content. If your main site (or blog in this case) doesn't reiterate the keywords of the domain, you've gained virtually nothing and added more work for yourself.


          You need to know what people are searching for when they are looking for your services. My guess is that few will be so specific as to search for Hilton Conference. If they do, their intent is probably the Hilton site looking for a conference room rental rate. That' doesn't sound like what you want.


          You indicated that you found a niche market, so you need to figure out what people enter for search when looking for your service. Is your service specific to your geographical location? There are a lot of things you can do at the local level that would drive more traffic than a domain name. FourSquare, Yelp,  and Google Places are a start.


          I think your time and money is better spent beefing up your main blog with content relevant to your niche market. You should also find out where your market 'hangs out' and show off your expertise there.


          Hope that helps and doesn't add to the confusion. (Although new to this community, I've been in the website design and hosting business for 13 years.)

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              Laz101 Wayfarer

              Thank you LLG for the quick response,


              The "HiltonConference" scenario is just an example, although the search result numbers are from my real niche.  I do plan on reiterating or optimizing the domain name on each minisite's title tag, content, etc and having backlinks back to my main blog.  I thought that will help me reach a more targeted audience as well as help me link popularity.

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              Business Supply Wayfarer

              It sounds as though you are trying to decide if you want to focus on one site/domain versus the idea of building a series of less searched sites/domains? That's a debated topic in the internet as SEO/marketing experts suggest focusing on just one blog/site with high quality content, while others embrace the idea of a "network" of smaller sites pointing towards a larger site. My opinion is to focus on building just a single, high quality site versus a bunch of lower quality ones. Content is the key here and the higher quality, the better.

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                Blues4u2 Wayfarer

                Stay with one site and let your content improve your SEO, not your site name.

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                  johnmore Adventurer

                  Google now frowns at mini sites. Try to build an authority site and use other keywords as pages linking to the home page.

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                    sophiep Wayfarer

                    I do agree with comments recommending going for One website as Google have officially published this video: How important is it to have keywords in a domain name? - YouTube

                    Other reasons to go for one website:


                    - Your marketing focus will be focused to only one website

                    - Can help you to improve your brand name of that particular single website

                    - Social Media and Link building activities will be improved due to focused marketing


                    Still; if you are having man power and large marketing budget; you can invest them to create multiple brands online!!