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    HELP Starting a catering business in Peruvian Cuisine in Jacksonville, FL

    Cecilia Wayfarer


      I am a cook for more than 35 years I went to a cooking school and my experience and my efforts is reflecting in the results. I am located in Jacksonville, FL and after looking for options as a cook without any luck I decided to start my own business. I will do Catering based in Peruvian Cuisine. I am really good, I can tell you: I am the best!

      It is hard to start my own small restaurant as is my dream, because I have no money for a local and for the appliances to open a restaurant even if the restaurant is going to be small requires money I don't have now. If I find a partner who wants to open a Peruvian restaurant I will be the chef there and this business will become a gold mine in few weeks.

      If any of you can give me some ideas I will really appreciate it. Thank you!