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    I’m looking for an opportunity

    Everseek Wayfarer

      I'm looking for an opportunity to create an additional stream of income. Currently I'm a contract (s-corp) agent for a commercial insurance agency and I also have a personal lines insurance agency that I am dissolving. I also run a small ebay store as well. I'm a 25 yr old educated person that realizes the tax laws and red tape are meant to keep the middle class in check and I'm looking for another opportunity to succeed and break the ties that bind, if you will. Currently I'm exploring the idea of purchasing single family dwellings at short sale for cosmetic rehab then selling when the time is right. With the current market conditions this concept may not be the best option but considering my youth and the lead time to profitability this could prove to be a lucrative investment.


      I'm not interested in MLM's, internet scams, inventions, or the like. I am seeking advice or suggestions regarding my next venture.
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          gregangulo Newbie

          There are a few questions your posting does not answer;

          1. Is it your intent to work on the rehads yourself or contract a crew?
          2. Do yo understand the process for short sales?
          3. The permit process is sometimes misunderstood and generally overlooked by many, it is time consuming and can stop a project in its tracks. When your contractor can not work on your project he will find another to take its place. Do not rely on anyone for your permits, ever! Have you heard of this adage 'the only person you can depend on is yourself'. In the building business permits make your world move.
          4. Inspections by the county or city? If you are dependent on the contractor and have no understanding of what is needed for a inspection to pass I would suggest you educate yourself within the construction process, building codes and standards of the county, city or state.
          5. Can you actively have 75k to 100k invested over a period until you are able to locate a buyer for the short sale?
          6. Short sales are not always what we think, so you may find traditional commercial loan/line of credit will be the method best for you.


          Due diligence, this is the word I tell msot people. Research your arena of investment and make sure your knowledgeable about the process. This is where you will make or lose money. Checklist and notes is always important in the residential building business whether that be short sales, rehabs or new home business, this is a discipline that can not be ignored. Reviewing your checklist and notes is always immeasurably helpful.


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            Ramon25 Wayfarer
            I know you say your not looking for a mlm but what if i tould you you can get the most possible tax benift like for exsample on my taxes i could put my gas my food my rent cell phone when i travel part of it i can put down almost any thing i found this through a friend and some people dont even do the bussiness they just join for the tax benifits their amazing my friend got 9,000 back last year and he is single well all i can tell you is it would be a good idea to join just for the tax benefits but the business is really good our company made 50million their secound year out and now we are curently going for our third year it would never hurt to take a look at it well thats all the advive i can give you if your intrested in finding out more information then just send me a message or reply to me
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              DexterImpact Newbie
              Hey Everseek,

              I don't know if your still looking or not, but I'm actually part a business team and is expanding at the moment and have 6 position open for business partner. If you are interested to be a business partner or make some extra money on the side please contact me by email me. To tell you a little about our sales we do over 6.8 billion dollar in sales just last year, but we can talk about it more later. If you are at all interested contact me and if not than I'm assuming your no longer interested.


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                LUCKIEST Guide
                *I'm looking for an opportunity*<br /<br />** I am seeking advice or suggestions regarding my next venture"

                My suggestions. ONE. Tell us more about yourself. Go to Members page and share some info.

                Two. Develop a Business and Marketing Plan

                Three. Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can help you.

                Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  escott37 Newbie
                  Hey Everseek,

                  The MLM company that Don Egnor is reffering to when he says Donald Trump would invest in if he were broke, is ACN. This is the first company Trump has endorsed outside of himself ever. ACN is a tele communications company that offers services that people use everyday at a better price and higher quality service. 5 major services we offer are Phone service (Local Long Distance), Satellite TV, Internet, Wireless (Cell Phones) 6 Major Carriers, and the Video Phone which only ACN has. The next must have service, Very Excited about. As you can see this is not a Pyramid Scheme as we have service's that we are selling and not an over priced product. We also sell existing services that people use every day. You can probably agree that tele communicatoins are not going away, Homeless people have cell phones for crying out loud. This is an international company in 19 countries!! There are TWO 7min videos you must watch that tell all about the company's credebility and the compensation plan, I am begging you to just watch these videos. Only take 15 minutes of your time and I gaurantee you will know 100% about the company and weather or not this is right for you. If you are an opportunist you will just take a look at this. Even if it does not interest you, let me know, thx.

                  First print off this paper to watch with the second video
                  Go to and read the home page
                  Then go to The Opportunity tab and watch ACN opportunity on the left side
                  Then watch ACN Business opportunity Presentation and follow the paper you printed out

                  Main website is

                  My phone number and email are on mywebsite, I am always available to reach if you have any more questions. I dont know where you live but ACN is known for support, There are regional and national trainings every week. Plus in your area there are most likely trainings by people who are members.
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                    MichaelseBiz Wayfarer
                    I don't know if you would be interested in all the benefits of running your own business that brings in profits more than you are earning now but if you really want to look into this further, you can take a look at the Web site on my profile...
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                      Security08 Newbie

                      I think i can help you, we need people who are looking for additonal income and can build a strong business with us....please call me at 310-500-8226, we need to set an appointment to discuss how and why our business helps a lot of waiting for your call.

                      Dr. Joe
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                        seemybusiness Newbie
                        Hello Everseek,
                        Are you still looking for business opportunity? If so, please send me an email at

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                          Mentorship Newbie
                          Which country are you. Let me know so that I can guide you to meet our associate.
                          If you rae serious about writing your destiny and are willing to learn, welcome.
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                            DMZ_Marketing Wayfarer

                            Have you ever heard of something called residual income? Even if you haven't heard the term before, you certainly know how it works.


                            Residual income is a wonderful thing. It's like a savings account that pays terrific dividends. You put in the work (kind of like making a deposit in your savings account), and you receive regular, ongoing income each and every month (like interest on your deposit). The residual income can go on and on for years. And depending on the work you put into it, the income can really build to become serious money!


                            The key to generating residual income for yourself is to leverage your time in the right financial opportunity. By leveraging your time, you suddenly have a multitude of people working to help generate those monthly checks!


                            If you would, take a minute or two to watch the following video to see a little more about the benefits a residual income can provide you.




                            I look forward to speaking with you soon and getting your feedback on the video!


                            DAVE M ZARAGOZA,
                            Independant Associate
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                              luzagodom Wayfarer
                              Really nice thing to do and of course I totally agree