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    Help with GSA Schedule

    Clinton Newbie

      Greeting, I'm new in here and  need some help for my business as I have been stuck on the same level but I need to expand.

      The friend of mine suggested to get dirct contact with government. 

      I would agree, but I have no idea how to get that and aht should be done.

      After some google search I got first results. appeared as a google best suggestion.

      I wonder if someone ever used these guys?

      And please, share more information on reliability of such kind of services, thanks.

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          Moderator Ilona Ranger

          Can any of our knowledgeable posters here help, does anyone have had dealing with the government in this capacity?

          If so please help out and share any tips or lessons you might have learned.


          Thanks Ilona

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            MarketUS Adventurer

            FYI, GSA Applications and all of their associated scam companies are currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General for numerous violations.


            In fact, I have been contacted by ABC News to provide testimony as to their practices.


            Sorry for the bad news but you may want to rethink your selection and look at the oldest company providing this service.


            We are the oldest and only Veteran owned company in this business for almost 26 years.


            I welcome your discussion.

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              fmwrt Newbie



              I imagine a lot of companies that provide GSA services will be vying for your business.  May I suggest you attend a free webinar about GSA schedules before you make any decisions?  Yes, our company would love your business, but educate yourself on GSA and the process before you take your next step.  Our free webinar will be held again on June 1, 2012.  If you have any interest, contact me and I will provide you with the details.

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                TABB9310 Wayfarer



                Good morning.  Before you make any snap decisions with anyone, feel free to contact me and I will provide you with information on this entire process at no charge.  Most of which I have found that these types of companies tend to charge an arm and a leg for.  Information is free so don't pay anyone to get what you could actually get on your own.

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                    MarketUS Adventurer

                    You are 100% correct, partially.  How long have you been in this business?


                    You can do your own taxes for free.  Why do accountants exist?  Why does H&R Block exist?  Because they are professionals and that is what they do.


                    Over 79% of companies that submit their own application to GSA are DENIED.


                    Yes, anyone can get the forms from GSA for FREE, just like tax forms.


                    Do you know the tricks and traps that GSA has embedded in the package.  I doubt it.


                    Why do you think we have suceeded for 26 years?  Because we provide a valuable service.


                    This is not about how cheap you can get this done, it is about getting it done right.


                    Ask Michael Dell, my first client.

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                        TABB9310 Wayfarer

                        Greetings Mr. Price,


                        While I see no need for the defensive attack against me, TSI does not handle the document preparation portion, yet we assist with the post award processes.  As I do not care to bash anyone or any company in forums, I would be happy to send you a free consultation on your own online presence to your email rather than laying any flaws out in a blog or a forum.  I was actually agreeing with Shelly as to education being the first step in this process.  Again, thank you for the unnecessary blast.

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                      Hi there everyone . Clinton is not looking for folks to promote their businesses , and it's not what the community is for . Clinton wants to know the reliabilty of services that meet his needs. He's looking for help. Let's provide it! 


                      I think this is also a great time to remind everyone of the guidelines for this community. You'll recognize them from when you became a member of the community. Here's the link , so everyone can review the " rules of the road" here.


                      Clinton, How are you doing on your search for help?  Keep us informed!



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                        TABB9310 Wayfarer

                        Joleen & Clinton,


                        My apology.  In regards to most successful companies providing GSA MAS Contract (Schedule) assistance, 2 are considered to be the best in the business:


                        1. GSA Applications - Total Schedule contracts awarded for clients in 2011 = 360

                        2. Washington Management Group - Total Schedule contracts awarded for clients in 2011 = 84


                        Track records speak for themselves on reliability of services I would think.



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                          Uncle Leon Tracker

                          See my Post in this forum under the topic: "Small Business Owners"  It doesn't concern GSA, but it concerns YOUR needs

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                            MarketUS Adventurer

                            Are we not getting away from the topic title?  Help with a GSA contract.


                            First of all, there is no way to verify how many contracts any company has done.  Therefore, whatever numbers a company provides are most likely wrong and inflated.


                            The question gets asked many times about whether the client was satisfied with the service.


                            All of the forms and attachements are standardized finally.  After submission, the preparer has absolutely no control over what GSA does.  That is set in convrete.


                            Where the value of hiring someone comes in is the fact that they have been in your shoes, the client.  I cannot find one other company who has ever had anyone that has sold to the government.


                            Why is this important?  I believe the saying goes 'Walk a mile in my shoes'.


                            The bottom line is, if you want a company to help, interview them and ask questions from your company's perspective.  A good company will either have the answers or get them for you ASAP.