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    In the Good Old Summertime

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Summer is upon us: warm days; children out of school with time on their hands; people taking vacations and long weekends away; all the winter shovels, snowblowers, etc. put away; and the airconditioners/fans running all day.  How does this impact your business?  Or does it?  Do the summer months involve a lag in your business?  Everyone else seems to be enjoying the warm days and evenings while you scratch your head and try to figure out interesting ways to drive business your way?


      Does this sound like you?  What plans do you have in place to bring in customers?


      Anyone want to share some ideas?  Perhaps an idea that you had that worked well for your summer business?  Please feel free to join in and let others know how you managed to make those warm months a summer to remember.



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          BMPhoto Scout

          For me it's the exact opposite. As a wedding and portrait photographer this is my busiest time of year. The winter is my slow period and I have to work 10 times as hard in the summer to make up for the lack of work in the colder months. BUT, I use that time to update my website, work out new partnerships with local businesses for the upcoming year, plan out a calendar of events for sales and specials, start on taxes, adjust any business practices that I won't be carrying over from the previous year and take a small, much needed vacation.